Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Please tell me about the warranty. 

A : " GAZE DESK " can be certified by the manufacturer for one year from the date of arrival. Warranty conforms to the manufacturer's warranty. Damages from customers are excluded from warranty. If the use of the product is not suitable for its own purpose, it will be excluded from warranty. Removal of the paint caused by the mold and the removal of the coating by the user also will be excluded from the warranty.

Q : What happens if the controller is broken. 

A : Please contact support department. We can apply parts exchange service if parts replacement is available for the product.  

Q : Can I use an application for a basic model? 

A : It's impossible to control it with your smartphone. When you use the BASIC controller, you can use the touchscreen to adjust the height of your desk only when you use a touch controller installed on your desk. However, since the memory function itself is self-contained, it is possible to store the user-setting height. 

Q : What happens if the upper part is damaged? 

A : Please contact support department if there are any accidents during shipment. If the damage was occurred during the shipping process or before using it, we offer immediately supports of replacement products or parts replacement services. Please be informed that we do not accept the cancellation if the damage was caused by the customer.  

Q : Suddenly the desk is not working. 

A : The smart controller model activate the ‘Safe Mode’ when the desk is not horizontally loaded . At this point, remove the power and reconnect it again after 30 seconds. It will release the ' Safe Mode ' and operate normally. 

Q : Where can I download the application? 

A : Gaze desk supports both Android OS and IOS. Search ‘Gaze desk’ on App Store or play store and download it. * GAZE DESK WORKSTATION, STARTER KIT, SMAKIZ does not have supporting application.

Q : When is the dedicated app update? 

A : We are expecting to update by late 2017 and we are keep update the information frequently. 

Q : How to install the desk by myself? 

A : We are basically operating the installation team, however, we provides the installation manuals and videos so that you can also install the desk easily by yourself. We strongly recommend more than one adult to assemble the product. Since the assembly parts of the GAZE DESK are heavy, it require attention if there is a child near around when installation going on. 

Q : Electricity usage on the electric desk is burdensome. 

A : If the desk does not move, it switches to ' Sleep Mode ' and does not generate standby power. You don’t have to worry about electricity bills. 

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